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About US

Goldreed is a full-service sales and marketing agency with an investment portfolio management division.

We take on sales representation, lead generation and management, field sales, telemarketing, retail store placement, business process outsourcing, projects/portfolio management, market research, online sales, inbound and outbound campaigns.

We provide call center services plus a dynamic field sales force covering all German speaking countries.

We are also an investment portfolio management and business consulting company, managing asserts from corporations and individuals. We accompany all investors and manufacturers seeking to place their investment and products while assesing the risk and benefits. We facilitate partnerships, joint ventures and administrative procedues through our strategic partnerships.

SOCAIDEX Sarl is our export, import and distribution management subsidiary registered in Cameroon, Central Africa with its head office in Yaoundé. SOCAIDEX Imports finished goods to Africa, ensures distributions and exports raw materials from Africa across the globe. SOCAIDEX is the export management arm of Goldreed Group specialized in export sales, direct marketing, strategic planning, product analysis and exclusive distribution of non competitive but complementary products.

SOCAIDEX Sarl represents European, American, Asian and Australian manufacturers across and beyond sub-Saharan Africa. Our regional Reps and agents sell for manufacturers and wholesalers to businesses, government agencies and other organizations in sectors ranging from agriculture through mining and energy to information technology, waste management, textile, health care and infrastructure.

Xcelprom Media is the entertainment and media production division of Goldreed Group which produces movies, music, documentaries and runs Xcelprom Radio and Television stations (Xcelrtv)

Xcelprom organizes and host the annual Alkebulanfest; Africa’s cultural and traditional jamboree in Munich and the Goldreed Awards

Our intent is to get it right!


Goldreed Group: Reliable in team and single-handedly 

Goldreed is run by an expert management team of sales engineers, telesales, public relations and communications professionals experienced in professional sales, corporate communications, branding, trade marketing, lead generation, projects and account management, telemarketing, product and business development plus launch and distribution.

Our team members possess a strong commercial acumen and an outstanding proven record in negotiating at all levels and developing businesses with multiple stakeholders with an excellent knowledge of the most needed products and franchises in targeted markets.

Your satisfaction is our priority!